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Circle of Life Development Foundation mission is to build strong communities collaboratively to close
the economic gap

Circle of Life Development Foundation vision is to close the economic gap by addressing the twenty-
five disparities under economic development and provide transformational educational resources to
help develop the most vulnerable communities.

The Initiative
ShePower founded, COLDf which launched, The MLK CommUNITY Initiative rebound coalition,
which founded The MLKCommUNITY Garden Iniative. A collaborative group of more than 100
residents, advocates, leaders, influencers, youth and over 40 organizations and churches committed
to creating a movement marked by a sense of urgency, stewardship and willingness to act for the
common good of the Southeast CommUNITY to Rebound it. The Coalition was founded by Arleana
Waller, the CEO of The Frink Firm and Founder of ShePower. It is moved by a group dedicated to
improving the health and welfare of a food insecure CommUNITY in double digit unemployment and

 The MLKcommUNITY Garden Initiative
on life support. The movement is the hope to reduce the effect of social and equity injustices and
inequities in order to improve peoples' quality of life.
The Initiative increase social and health equity in the Kern County region, particularly in the southeast
through inclusive economic development partnerships and opportunities to break the cycles of
generational poverty in the CommUNITY (educational poverty, income poverty, spiritual poverty, and
civic engagement poverty), making strategic changes needed to revitalize the Cottonwood Corridors.
The goal is to begin steps necessary as soon as we are approved. Opening 60 days after approval.


Community Partners


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create Racial equity by the project being lead by African American Staff members.

to Minimize green gas
omission by maximizing
greenhouse gas reductiongoals and use of compost



Working from Home

Equity and Mobility Neighborhood Committee



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Transportation Equity Events 

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To learn more about the Rebound the MLKCommUNITY CARB STEP Project, please go to MLK Transportation Equity.


CARB page 



Sustainable Transportation Equity Project 

STEP’s overarching purpose is to increase transportation equity in disadvantaged and low-income 
communities throughout California via two types of grants: Planning and Capacity Building Grants and 
Implementation Grants.


Learn more visit |

Sustainable Transportation Equity Project (STEP) | California Air Resources Board.

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