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micro finance


Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

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micro finance

Micro Finance

Circle of Life microfinance program acknowledges the wealth of community solutions in the County and seeks to provide small amounts of start-up funding to support entrepreneurial ideas. Using in-depth knowledge of area needs and opportunities, recipients of micro finance loans and grants are able to devise effective and sustainable income generating projects.

COLDF goal is to help more people in underserved communities realize their dreams, the microfinance model is aimed at creating jobs, strengthening economies and alleviating poverty.  Circle of Life, keeping with its mission to help improve the lives of the most vulnerable in Kern County will partner with organizations or business to Grameen America to bring this groundbreaking model to our community:


  • Support low-income individuals who are not able to obtain traditional bank loans to grow their businesses;

  • Create and sustain jobs in the Kern County area;

  • Generate additional income for borrowers and their families;

  • Help borrowers build and establish credit history;

  • Build capacity for Kern County to serve as a regional base;

  • Provide residents living in poverty in Kern County the chance to build a small business.


Circle of Life combines financial training that teaches borrowers about loans, savings and credit building with peer support to keep borrowers on track for repayment.

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